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Canadian Ammolite

An exclusively Canadian gemstone! Ammolite is derived from Ammonite which survived until the end of the Cretaceous period, over 65million years ago in a sea that covered what is now Alberta and Montana. Mother nature transformed these ammonites into the rare gem layer known as Ammolite. Each Ammolite gem is unique in brilliance, colour and pattern. Precious Ammolite shines with the colours of the rainbow. Ammolite is the last precious gem to be discovered this century and was granted official gemstone status in 1981. The Korite Ammolite mine located in Alberta, Canada is the only commercial Ammolite mine in the world.

At Sapphires we stock a beautiful selection of Ammolite from the Korite mine who commissions world renowned jewellery designers to create timeless designs. Of course our award winning designer and goldsmith can always create a one of a kind finished piece of Ammolite jewellery with you in mind. Our experienced staff can assist you in how to select from the Ammolite grades of quality and how to care for this incredibly rare gem. »View the collection

Sapphires Custom Jewellery Fonthill Ontario